• The component like amniotic fluid made in the mother's womb.
    So you can use with confidence.
    Even though it is a human-friendly ingredient, it is strongly cleansing and sanitizes.

  • Because you can use it in a kitchen, it is more reliable than alcohol.
    It is not toxic like sodium hypochlorite.
    Staphylococcus aureus is wholly sterilized in 15 seconds.

  • Space sterilization with a supersonic humidifier.
    Oral cavity disinfection with gargle against influenza.
    After decomposing only organic severe matter, it returns to "water."

At home

It's very safe for children and a dog.
Sanitized in the room with a human-friendly ingredient.
It will protect family health.

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Of course effective for O-157 and norovirus.
Unlike alcohol, it is useful even in a kitchen.
You can wash vegetables.

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Medical Care Facilities

Space eradication to prevent outbreaks of influenza.
Even if you drink accidentally, it is a safe ingredient.
A deodorant effect can also be expected.

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Are you still using alcohol?

Do you know that alcohol become no effect in water?
Clear sui will not change even if it is used in a water field.
Alcohol, sodium hypochlorite or more with disinfecting power, norovirus, influenza virus can also be sterilized.
Even though this effect is high, it is the same ph as the skin.
There is no worry that hands will get rough.

Sterilization of the Clear sui

A dentist recommends it to gargle because of safety enough.

A component is similar to amniotic fluid made in the mother's body.
Compared to alcohol and sodium hypochlorite, concerning safety, Clear sui is excellent.
It is a food additive specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, so it is safe to include it in your mouth.

Safety of Clear sui