Medical Care Facilities

Influenza outbreak, the spread of Norovirus.
They are dangerous infectious diseases that can cause enormous damage in environments where people with weak body gather.
If elderly or low immunity infected with these infectious diseases, they are at risk of life.
Are only the past measures enough?

Clear sui that are not toxic to the human body.
The optimal solution for space disinfection.
Of course, we do not have to worry about rough hands.

1.Space Disinfection with a sonic humidifier

If the dry state continues, and the bronchial defense function has declined.
Humid is very important in preventing influenza.
It would be wonderful if the humidifier does the sterilization.
It’s ok, even if you breathe in Clear sui, It is a nature-friendly ingredient.
You can use it with confidence.

2. A spray to disinfect the toilet.

If you want to disinfect the toilet with Clear sui, please use with a slightly high concentration than for other purposes.
There is a case actually that one who is low immunity infects E. coli in a toilet.
At the same time, Clear sui can also decompose organic substances that cause odor, so that you can expect a deodorant effect.

3.Kitchen sterilization by a spray.

If you are serving meals at your facility, you need to take measures against food poisoning.
Clear sui can sanitize space, toilet, kitchen just by changing concentration depending on the application.
A kitchen knife and chopping board, tableware, table, fingers of cooking people, all sterilization with a Clear sui. It is a smart way.