Safety of Clear sui

Clear sui is the component like amniotic fluid made in the mother’s womb.
So you can use with confidence.
It’s like a principal component of white blood cells that repels pathogenic bacteria.

Also after dental surgery, the dentist who is using it for gargling.
Even though it is strongly cleansing and sanitizes, it is a natural ingredient.
High safety for the baby, the elderly.

Demonstration tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories.
It has been proved that there is no toxicity to the human body.

No abnormalities or death cases were observed in an acute oral toxicity test in a mouse experiment.
Clear sui is useful for keeping the inside of the mouth clean, and it can be expected for the prevention of cavity and bad breath.
Some dental doctors recommend this for oral care.
Of course, even if washing the food and sprinkling Clear sui in the humidifier for space sterilization will not cause your physical condition to become rancid due to it.
Even if you are in an environment where someone with reduced immunity like a baby or senior citizen, you can use it with confidence.
Actually please use Clear sui in such an environment.


Is it OK if I touch the stock solution?

Clear sui’s10L case is delivered at 400 ppm, but due to the nature of returning to water when it reacts with organic matter, there is no problem even if the stock solution comes to hand.
Because it is necessary to be high levels for disinfection, please use 2 ~ 8 times diluted according to the application.

What if I gargle and drink accidentally?

JFRL’s demonstration experiment proves that Clearsui is non-toxic.
There is nothing wrong with the amount of accidental swallowing. However, it is not edible, so please stop using it as drinking water.

Is there a caution in the way to keep?

The expiration date of Clear sui will be about a year.
In addition, Crear sui is weak against sunlight, it will be decomposed when exposed to ultraviolet rays, and it will turn into water.
When you use with a spray bottle, please use a light-resistant container
(not transparent).

I’m worried about allergies.

There is no worry about allergy symptoms on using Clear sui.
You can use with confidence in disinfection of clothes and foodstuffs.

Is there a smell?

High concentration Clear sui has a slight chlorine smell.
However, it becomes odorless when decomposed and become water.
Even if you use it for disinfection of food and table, No smell remains, so there is nothing to worry about it.