Use at home

All my family was infected with influenza.
Norovirus prevailed in the household.
Do you have these experience?

Workplace, train…
School, nurseries…
No one knows when and where we will be infected.

Sterilize a whole room by Clear sui.
It is usable for gargling.

1.Space sterilization with a supersonic humidifier.

Clear sui expects Space sterilization and deodorization.
It is usable in a sonic humidifier.
You can use Clear sui in a sonic humidifier on about 1dollar per a day.

2.Gargle with Clear sui.

Also after dental surgery, the dentist who is using it for gargling.
Oral cavity disinfection by Clear sui is effective for prevention of colds and influenza.
You can use with confidence because of Japan Food Research Laboratories certified.

3.Usable as a spray type kitchen cleaner.

Unlike Alcohol, the effect does not decrease in the water field.
There is no worry about a generation of harmful gas like hypochlorite sodium, and also hand rough.
We recommended Clear sui for disinfecting dishes, cooking utensils, as well as washing vegetables.

4.Disinfecting deodorant of shoes and clothing, toys, toilets.

Disinfecting deodorant norovirus infection place, a toilet.
Spray sterilizes and deodorizes bacteria of shoes and clothing.
Wiping off the toy that your child tends to put in the mouth, sanitize by a spray.
You can use it anywhere you want to sterilize.

5.Pet Care.

Usable for Wipe off the dog’s eye, the dog’s body when you come back from the walk, also disinfection of pet’s toilet inside your house.
There is no longer any need to purchase lots of pet supplies.
Clear sui is usable for all of that.